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Monday, June 14, 2004

This is one of the things I disagree with President Bush about.

White House rejects calls for change of stem cell policy:
"In 2001, Bush signed an executive order limiting federally funded research to 78 lines of embryonic stem cells then in existence. However, researchers say the number of lines actually available is now 19 -- and contamination may make those unusable"
There's just no reason in my mind for not expanding on this research. Everything I have read so far has described outstanding and remarkable developments in the use of stem cells.

I think President Bush is making a huge mistake by not already getting on-board with support of those scientists working to save lives using stem cells. Unfortunately, if he were do do it now it would look like campaign grandstanding on the memory of President Reagan and that would make it a political hot potato instead of just a good idea that needs to be supported.

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